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Breathing Water in a Dream (2006)

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"Interludes abound, a very large sound-picture is evident...Technically precise without sparing any melody or, profound...Breathing Water in a Dream is overflowing with interesting ideas." -

"The fuller, longer, flowing compositions on this album are where this band truly shines. The first two tracks are a wonderful one-two opening punch of mature (at times post-rock influenced) instrumentation, progressive songwriting, and artistic expression." -

“These songs, each a humble triumph of imagination, go to some interesting places... The vocals are particularly good throughout, as they manage to work in some strong melodies no matter how eccentric the instrumental backing... The Benzene Ring have their own musical hybrid figured out, integrating all elements seamlessly enough that you barely notice transitions between fresh-faced poppiness, sinister ‘n’ sinuous Steve Hackett guitar lines and Tool-worthy heavy sections.” - Difficult Music (

"New York's The Benzene Ring gives me great hope for the next generation of musicians interested in creating progressive music.... This music is interesting and deep." - Progressive Ears (

"A compelling combination of short soundscapes, creepy chants, and five-minute-plus epics ... Breathing Water in a Dream is diverse and fresh enough to pull in listeners from both the prog and indie camps." - Sea of Tranquility (

The Benzene Ring (2004)

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Benzene Ring album.

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